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Your Frequently Asked Questions & Answers!

Can we have a custom-written ceremony?

Yes, all of our ceremonies are custom written and personalized with your relationship, values and wishes in mind.  We have a questionnaire you can fill in with all the details about you and your love, and what special elements you would like included in your ceremony.  We take the time to get to know you and from there, Rev. Elaine will take the time to research readings, prayers, quotes or other desired elements and write your love story into the script.  Once the ceremony script is drafted, it’s emailed to you for review.  After, that we meet privately in person and make any edits, changes or revisions you would like, so it’s perfect for your wedding day.


Who will perform our ceremony?

Magical Ceremonies is unique in that both Revs. Elaine and Mark are ordained, and you can choose to have us both perform your ceremony together, or just one of us.  We are a team and because Rev. Elaine is the writer, many couples will ask her to perform the ceremony, or you can request Rev. Mark to perform your ceremony, the choice is yours to make.  Either way, you will have two of us on your wedding day to ensure your ceremony is perfect!


Do you help if we want to write our own vows, but don’t know where to start?

            Yes, Rev. Elaine is happy to assist with tips and guidance for writing your own vows.  We include information and steps on how to get started to make the process of writing your own vows smooth and comfortable when we meet in person.  Expressing your love for each other with personal vows is a wonderful experience to cherish forever.


Do we really need a rehearsal?

We suggest having a rehearsal if your bridal party is larger than two bridesmaids and two groomsman, with parents, grandparents and flower girl or ring bearer.  It helps everyone to be comfortable and at ease with their roles and what to do on the day of the ceremony.  Both Revs. Elaine and Mark are available to attend rehearsal and a ceremony plan is included in our Grand Luxury Wedding Ceremony Package.


How and when do we get our marriage license and who takes care of it after the ceremony?

Once you’ve chosen us for your wedding ceremony, Rev. Elaine will send you information on how and when to get your marriage license.  We suggest contacting your town or county clerk’s office for an appointment to get your marriage license at least 6 weeks before your wedding.  In New York State, your marriage license is valid for 60 days, so 6 weeks ahead will give a cushion of time after your date if you should need it.  Following your ceremony, we ensure that the license is properly signed by your Maid of Honor, Best Man or chosen witness and the one of us that is performing your ceremony.  We immediately send it to the clerk’s office for you, so you never have to worry.  A full information sheet is provided for you in a lovely Blue Folder when we meet in person.


How do I change my name after we receive the Marriage Certificate?

An information sheet with all the steps to make changing your name smooth and easy is provided in the packet of information when we meet in person.


What do you wear to the ceremony?

At Magical Ceremonies, we wear traditional black or navy to your wedding.  We often ask the bride and groom what colors they’ve chosen for their bridesmaids and groomsmen, so that we may compliment the color palette with a tie or pocket square or small accessory so we blend in.  We will on rare occasions wear something different, usually at the request of the couple.


What time do you get to the ceremony?

            We always arrive at the ceremony at least one hour early to connect with each of you so you’re at ease that everything is in place.  We take that time to greet your parents and bridal party; ensure the ceremony site is set up correctly and meet with the DJ or musicians and your photographer to review key points of the ceremony, including stepping aside for your first kiss and introducing you as a married couple for the first time!


If you would like to chat more about including us as your wedding officiant team, please feel free to contact us at – we would love to make your wedding day special, memorable and magical!


XO Rev. Elaine

*Photo credit Matthew Lim Photography

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