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Your Wedding Officiant
Really Does



At one wedding this past season, I was taken aback by some comments from a guest as everyone was enjoying cocktails and refreshments following the ceremony.  The guest, in conversation with me, said she thought it was a beautiful ceremony, but went on to say “It must be fun to come and stand up in front of everyone, say a few nice words, and then get to hang out for cocktails and dinner afterwards”.  I was surprised by that assumption, it made me realize that many folks don’t know how much work a wedding officant really does.  It also made me think about the etiquette of inviting your officiant to the wedding celebration – we’ll talk about that in our next Blog this Winter.

Here’s some insight on what it means to be a Great Wedding Officiant

and what we really do:

It takes special people to do what we do and we love being there to make every couple’s wedding day special.  A really great officiant will take the time to get to know you as a couple and get to know what is meaningful and special to you, your values, the moments that shaped your relationship and love for each other.

We spend many hours writing and composing your custom wedding ceremony, researching the perfect readings, quotes or writing readings.  We also write your romance into the script and spend a good deal of time finding or writing the perfect “marriage address” that speaks of what marriage means to both the Bride and Groom.  Then there are special ceremony elements like hand fasting, sand blending or a wedding wine box to express your unity as a couple.

A great officiant is also a resource for tips from how and when to get your marriage license, to guidance with writing your vows and helping you find just the right words to express your love for each other.  We’ll provide day of wedding ceremony coordinating services by creating a rehearsal plan so that you and bridal party are comfortable and confident about everyone’s role on the day of the wedding.  Rev. Elaine has even helped brides with suggestions for ceremony music, wedding day time lines and connecting couples with other vendors they still need to book (florist, musicians, etc.).  We arrive 1 hour early on the wedding day and ensure that the ceremony site is set up correctly, connect with your Photographer, and DJ or musicians to be sure the ceremony will flow smoothly.  We’ll check in with the Bride and Groom to let them know we’re there so they can relax.  Very often we can be found helping guests to their seats (rain or shine), pinning boutonnieres on the groomsmen or Grandpa, helping Grandma with her corsage or giving a quick call to the one vendor that got a bit lost on their way to the venue – all without the Bride or Groom knowing.


After the ceremony, we sign the marriage license along with the witnesses and ensure it’s done correctly, and send it to the town clerk within 24 hours or less.  We even provide information and guidance for the name change process after you receive your marriage certificate.  We are also available to the parents or guests following the ceremony, and many times we are saying the blessing or prayer before dinner.

A Really Great Officiant cares about you and your wedding day, and does everything they can to ensure that your wedding ceremony is special, memorable and everything you dreamt it would be – Magical!

XO Rev. Elaine