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What We Do

At Magical Ceremonies, we take the time to get to know you and create a heartfelt and personal wedding ceremony that tells your love story to your family and guests.  We carefully research or write original readings, poems and special requests to match your desires. We are committed to giving you a beautiful and magical wedding day.

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What makes us different

When you book your ceremony with us, your wedding is the only one that we will perform that day.  We don't  book multiple weddings on any date - yours is exclusive.  After our initial consultation or meeting, all other meetings are private, ensuring your ceremony is special and not shared with anyone until you are saying "I do".  When you book with Magical Ceremonies and Revs. Elaine and Mark Crandall, you are booking a team.  

Contact Us

Contact us at and tell us about your wedding date and what you're looking for in your wedding ceremony.

Then we'll chat!

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